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A revolutionary organic dry body oil made from organic Baobab and Argan oils from Senegal as well as organic Maracuja oil from Peru. Absolutely no preservatives, it is completely non-comodogenic. The oil has a different fruit smell which comes from the expeller pressed seeds of the Passion Fruit plant as well as natural black currant and vanilla fragrance oils This oil works very well on the face, hair and body. It comes in a 2oz dark glass bottle. Perfectly sized for travel. It is recommended to use within 6 months of purchase since there aren't any preservatives outside of the naturally occuring ones (vitamin E) that are present in Argan Oil.

Organic Body Oil

  • Please keep in a cool and dark dry place. 


    Dispose after 6 months.


    For external use only.


    Use caution with applying to the soles of feet since slipping can occur.

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